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Testimonial Nov 10, 2017

I have been a Warrior for a year. I was skeptical at first if CrossFit was right for me…well, let me tell you: IT IS! And it’s right for everyone!!! Workouts are scaleable to the athletes ability…nothing I can’t do, or attempt to do! Kris & Jess are so encouraging and always ensure form comes first. They explain the WODs well, make it fun, and I always leave there happy �

Testimonial July 20, 2017

PRed my overhead squat tonight at 100lbs. Feels like yesterday I could hardly squat with a 15lb bar. #measurablegrowth

Testimonial Sept 29, 2016

Kris is an incredible coach. She is the best when it comes to helping with mobility.
I really enjoyher “holistic WOD”. It really got me to think about how I eat and sleep and my stress levels and how that all effects my life and work out.

Testimonial Feb 4, 2017

Awesome box with the best equipment, knowledgable trainers and the friendliest athletes. Always excited to come back and so glad to be a part of this community.

Testimonial May 5, 2017

While away, I dropped in to take a class at a Crossfit in TX. Did Randy, 75 power snatches, 55# in 7:05 �. I was super happy that I train at Warriors Path Crossfit with Coach Kris because I felt confident in my ability to navigate through the workout at a foreign gym & pace myself. The coach even complimented me on my form! Only because I train & learn from the best!!! �. At Warrior’s Path, we are also very lucky to train in a clean and organized environment!! Seeing the disorganization of equipment at another gym made me further appreciate the neatness and care that is taken to make a successful workout environment for all Warriors!!