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FOCUS 21 – A NEW Nutrition Program

How exciting!! It’s 21 days of focusing on YOUR nutrition!

  • You design YOUR program based on YOUR goals
  • The program changes slightly every 21 days – depending on your progress and your goals

​​​​​​​**Info**There are three tiers to choose from and they are very specific to a number of things…

  1. What are your nutrition goals?
  2. Do your nutrition goals align with your fitness goals?
  3. What are you looking to get out of participating in a nutrition based plan?
  4. Have you ever kept track of your food / drink consumption before?
  5. Are you open minded and willing to learn about your relationship with food in a healthy way?

​​​​​​​The following is a list of the different levels and a brief description of each. You only need to commit to 21 days at a time. The first 21 days are free for WPCF members. 

​​​​​​​The Explorer – Nutrition 101: (Tier 1)This is meant for beginners. A person who is interested in pulling back the curtain and taking a closer look at their food intake and is willing to make healthy choices and minor changes little by little. Is a process and an exploration all at the same time. Keeping a food journal is work and simply just the task of the journal, be it in an app or a piece of paper and pen, it helps you understand your relationship with food and ultimately can provide you with tools to make some small changes, which over time lead to big results. 

The Detective – Portion 101: (Tier 2) This is meant for a person who has kept a food journal in some capacity. A person who already has some experience reading food labels and understanding nutritional values. This will serve as a healthy reminder of how important building each meal is. Essentially, creating a proper portion based on the VISUAL (which I will teach you) of the following;

P = Protein (meat/fish/eggs/tofu)

C = Carbohydrate (vegetables/potato/rice/fruit)

F = Fats (avocado/oils/nuts/seeds)

however, not geeking out about the specifics. No measuring or weighing is necessary. Keeping a food journal in an app is recommended. This person is always seeking ways to make small changes in which to to feel, perform and look their best. 

The Examiner – Macros 101: (Tier 3) This is meant for individuals who have already spent time tracking their food. This is not a restrictive diet plan but  you may have to restrict certain macronutrients at times. You will need to weigh and measure your food, track your food in an app with the goal of hitting your specific (goal oriented) percentages. This plan requires more diligence and planning. Each day you will need to have a plan in place for your food intake so that you hit your macros (and fiber) goals. I will help you get started on this, identifying your (goal oriented) macro percentages. I recommend using “My Fitness Pal” where we can set it up so you can share your profile with me. You will need to take measurements and pics of yourself (NOT required to share with anyone! – but of course you can if you’d like to) 

  • All three tiers will have assigned days of the week for “check in” to report specific data pertiinent to the tier
  • It will keep you accountable and provide you with the tools to create your results
  • It is a plan that enables you to move from tier to tier based on your current goals and lifestyle