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Nagging Tweaks, Random Pain, Minor Injuries?

A topic that has been brought to my attention recently and I thought it is worthy of a post.

If you have been experiencing some discomfort, little nagging tweaks or random pain – especially on a regulat basis AND I don’t mean that one thing that is a thorn in your side,  like my elbow,  that I can trace back to THE specific workout that bothered it. 

You might think you need to back off your training, however, If you workout between 3-6 days per week , you are NOT over training! 

I’m talking about feeling like,  today your knee hurts and tomorrow your shoulder, last week was your hip and tomorrow you are just overall feeling tired or lack motivation and you feel like several of these things keep rearing their ugly head. You find yourself feeling a little bit limited in your workouts. Your body is telling you something!  You need to pull back the curtain and consider some other aspects of your life. The basics. 

How much sleep are you getting? Are you drinking enough water? What’s your nutrition look like? Do you eat regularly or do you think it’s a good idea to starve yourself because you want to shed 5 pounds? What is your stress level? All of these things matter and they matter A LOT. 

BTW- Please don’t starve yourself! The quality of your food is more important that quantity. Nobody ever gained weight because they ate too many pieces of broccoli or too many apples. It’s more likey someone packed on a few from the cheezy broccoli soup with 10 million grams of sodium and the apple pie with the side of vanilla ice cream;  that is what gifted you that spare tire!

So I won’t get into the details of how to fix these things because we all have different lives. But it a good place for a little self reflection. 


3,2,1… Thoughts, Actions, Character…GO!

Learning to lift, more specifically Olympic lifting, is not linear. It is made up of plateau after plateau. You may spend a long time – months even, where you make no or very little progress. You may become frustrated. Then all of a sudden, you make a leap forward. You set a new personal record or you finally understand the feel of the movement . Somthing clicks… then you plateau again.

Most people do not learn high level skills quickly. You must trust the process. Practice and train, every day – no matter how you feel, put in the work, make the time. This does not mean every day at a high intensity. Some days it means slow it down, move with little or no weights again and again and again. Create muscle memory. Know where your body is in space and in relationship to the objects you are lifting/moving.

If you were attempting to learn a new instrument, you would not expect to play in the orchestra right away. You first learn to play the notes. Then you might learn some chords and even play a song. Only after you are able to play a song would you entertain playing with the orchestra. The process is not very different, so give it time.

Take it as it comes and trust your Coach. Keep showing up. Don’t allow negative thoughts to de-rail your progress. Understand that frustration is the gap between your actual capability and where you think you should be.

You might not be able to change your ability quickly, however…

“Watch your thougths, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny”

Internal Motivation

You probably have not noticed, the last few weeks have been pretty tough, leaving us a little more sore than we typically feel…  AND there’s been a sprinkle of repeat workouts too.

This was intentional for the purpose of finding that grit when push comes to shove. That’s the mental game needed sometimes in our sport. The state of mind where you somehow find the internal motivation to push yourself to your limits.

At times, finding that limit can feel terrible and even scary, but you come out the other side mentally stronger, confident and more physically capable. We are consistantly growing mentally and physically. Which is also the reason to sometimes repeat workouts.

It helps to have a baseline for yourself and try to improve upon your own baseline by becoming stronger (even 1 pound stronger than last time) or faster (even 1 second faster than last time) or complete more reps (even 1 more rep than last time).

This is how we measure progress. We also need to understand that sometimes we are not stronger or faster or better than last time. It is ok! We learn from it and move on, which also requires humility and a bit of compassion for ourselves.

So as we are about to head into October (open season) we will begin to back off intensity a little bit, on some days with the intention of giving our all on competition days. (If you are not into the competition aspect it is fine!!) Remember we are competing for ourselves, with ourselves.

At the end of the day, it truly is about your WHY and what you intend to get out of the program. Sometimes just showing up is half the battle – I get it. 

See you at the box!

Rowing, Love It Or Hate It?

One link is a basic CrossFit overview of “how to” row, it breaks down the mechanics and body positioning.

The other link is called “The Exact Correlation Between Height, Weight, and Rowing Performance”.

You might find these interesting and perhaps you will find a little more love in your heart for the Concept 2 Rowing Machine.   

Did you know… ? 

  • “A female’s weight accounts for 30%-43% of the performance variance in rowing.” @fitness.analytics
  • This equates roughly to a 6 pound increase = 1% further row.
  • It is true that taller people typically weigh more, but in this (Wodapalooza Event 6)  workout the more important factor was weight.


CrossFit is NOT a 6 week challenge!

CrossFit is NOT a 6 week challenge!

I’m sure you have seen tons of “6 week challenges” for weight loss, body fat loss, get tone and fit,  blah blah, etc. etc…. They are everywhere and appear to have your best interest in mind. It goes something like, pay a big pile of cash for an accountability coach, a meal plan and work out 3+ times/week. Great! Sign me up! Fix me in 6 weeks. These are simply lies. Sorry not sorry.

Ok, ok…  some of these challenges are legit and someone has their bank account and your well being and best interest in mind.  AND…  It’s ok to START there, it truly is! As a matter of fact that’s a great place to start. You put some skin in the game with the pile of cash (you may or may not get it back) and now you’ve sparked a fire under your butt. You feel more motivated than ever (you’ve got cash on the line) and engaged because someone is helping you stay accountable.  But what happens when the challege ends. So let’s say you feel and look better. Well, now what? 

Here’s the most important part. Are you ready?  Simple! IT CAN’T END there. So if you are motivated by a 6 week challnege and think its going to be life altering, GO FOR IT! Just be sure to realize and be honest with yourself that you can not un-do years of things like being sedentary and eating poorly in just 6 weeks. It takes hard work, long term consistent commitment, learning and being open minded, experimenting, trying and failing and trying again. It takes dedication, sacrifice, determination, drive and more. 

So when you are ready to make a permanent shift in your lifestyle, don’t worry… (It’s not all or nothing)  here are a few things to consider. You will need to become your own accountability coach and plan your schedule to keep the workouts up. Eat well, sleep and hydrate even though no one is watching (well except Santa, of course).

And so now I begin to tell you that when you are ready to take a step, come and take the Warrior’s Path.  At Warrior’s Path CrossFit we are ordinary people performing extraordinary things and we welcome you.  We welcome you to not only feel and look better, have more energy, strengthen your bones, decrease your chance for chronic disease, make new friends, test yourself, learn about yourself, become better at life, better in your relationships, feel confident and so much more. It’s magic and it’s here for you. Take the first step and give it a shot.